BlurXTerminator V2.0 AI4 Release


RC Astro BlurXTerminator 2.0 AI version 4

BlurXTerminator version 2.0 and AI version 4 are now available for download (14 December 2023). This is a major update with expanded optical aberration correction and improved accuracy. The update can be obtained by the usual method in PixInsight: Resources -> Updates -> Check for Updates. BlurXTerminator 2.0 remains compatible with earlier AI versions.

AI4 was trained to correct the following aberrations alone or in any combination:

  • First- and second-order coma and astigmatism
  • Trefoil (common with pinched optics and in image corners with some camera lenses)
  • Defocus (poor focus and/or field curvature)
  • Longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberration
  • Motion blur (guiding errors)
  • Seeing/scatter variation per color channel
  • Drizzle upsampling artifacts (2x only)