RC Astro BlurXTerminator AI3 Release (PixInsight)


RC Astro BlurXTerminator AI3 Release


BlurXTerminator is an AI-powered deconvolution tool designed specifically for astronomical images. It is available as a plug-in process module for PixInsight only. Because deconvolution inherently requires linear image data, BlurXTerminator will not be made available for general photography applications such as Photoshop.

Not all AI is created equal. AI-based sharpening tools for general photography exist, but they were not trained with astronomical images in mind. They don’t usually handle stars very well, and because they are trained as generative AI models, they have no regard for veracity and often invent detail that does not exist.

This is a beta test release of the neural network definition for BlurXTerminator that expands the range of optical aberrations to include additional coma and astigmatism profiles.

This is a beta release that may not perform well on all images. In some cases, performance may be worse than AI2 or AI1. A known issue is that it does not handle very dense star fields particularly well. Development work continues on AI3 – future releases will address these and other issues.

To test this beta release, add the following to your repository list in PixInsight:


Then either restart PixInsight or run Resources -> Updates -> Check or Updates.

Once the AI3-beta2 file is downloaded and PixInsight has been restarted, open the BlurXTerminator window and click the Select AI button to choose the new AI file.



Pedro Ré